Carpet Care

Though it’s not impossible to keep your carpet as...

Carpet Care

Though it’s not impossible to keep your carpet as beautiful as it did coming out of the package, but it’s going to require a little cleaning and maintenance.
Follow these simple but important instructions for maintenance of your carpets:



a) Routine vacuuming with a high quality vacuum cleaner is the most important thing you can do, to maintain the beauty of your carpet

b) Vacuum thoroughly and frequently with a canister vacuum (preferably one without beater bars).This prevents permanent damage by keeping soil particles from working their way deep into your carpet.

c) Carpets placed in high traffic areas of your home or office should be vacuumed more frequently. Medium traffic areas can be vacuumed once or twice in a week, basis requirement.

d) It is recommended to start vacuuming carpets as per the decided schedule, right after the installation


Cleaning & Removing Stains:

a) Quick action following a spill is essential in order to keep a permanent stain from setting into your carpet.

b) For liquid spills, use a clean, un-dyed cloth and press firmly around the spill to absorb as much as possible. Do not rub. This will cause the stain to set deeper into the carpet, making it harder to remove and increasing the likelihood that it will reappear.

C) For hard to remove stains, professional carpet cleaning is recommended.

d) Household detergents such as dish washing liquids, soaps and other cleansers are not recommended for cleaning the carpets. They may clean your carpet but can cause color bleeding or other damage to the pile or backing of the carpet.


Use of Entrance Mats:

A) Its highly recommended to make use of entrance mats at all the outside entrances of the building. This will certainly reduce the frequent soiling of carpets by removing the street dirt from shoe soles.

b) However, specific care should be taken to regularly clean the entrance mats as well


Shedding Effect

a) Many newly installed carpets, particularly those with a cut or velour pile, tend to lose fiber during the first few weeks on the floor.

b) This effect, called shedding or fluffing is caused by the way the yarn is spun and the carpet is made. It is a natural phenomenon that will stop eventually

c) Cleaners should vacuum the carpet a little more gently for the first few weeks and empty the dust bag regularly.


General Cleaning Tips:

a) Always deal with any stains and spills immediately.

b) Use a spoon or blunt end of a knife to scrape off solid materials e.g. candle wax.

c) Blot up spills with a paper towel or cloth – don’t add more liquid.

d) Most water-based stains such as tea, coffee, fruit juice or urine should be cleaned with a carpet shampoo.

e) Most grease based stains will need a brand name dry cleaning solvent