Manufacturing Facility

At Blossom we aim to provide " Glamourous and Lively"...

Manufacturing Facility

At Blossom we aim to provide " Glamourous and Lively" carpets and rugs with our traditional and unique manufacturing techniques. 

We have a ISO certified manufacturing facility in North India, we ensure that the best quality systems are in place.

All the manufacturing processes and Standard operating procedures are documented to ensure same quality product over and over again

Blossom has the expertise, experience and infrastructure required to create products that meet the diverse needs of our industry. We have more than 1000 years of cumulative experience in the carpet industry with our associates.

We choose to use our labour intensive processes and natural fibres to minimise the environmental impact of our carpet production. We also believe that natural processes and fibres are responsible for our ‘characterful’ textures and beautiful, natural colours.

Naturally handmade carpets could be slightly aberrated and characterfull and all of our customers love the texture and feel of our carpets.There could be slight variation in same products in different lots due to handmade techniques, which is in line with the indutry standards, In house manufacturing capabilities helps us to reduce our lead time for custom and running orders


We at Blossom spend a lot of time choosing the right material for our collections. We believe that natural and Eco- Friendly materials make the best carpets. Some of the materials used in our collections are Wool, Cotton, Nylon, Silk , Chenille, Tencel, Recycled Yarns etc. With widening of our product portfolio we have moved more towards the natural fibres and colors. However we do use syntethic materials and fibers on some of our collections.

Our material goes through a rigorous incoming inspection and testing to make sure any defects are caught at the first stage. In core of our hearts we believe wool still makes the best "Glamourous and Lively" carpets.


Colors are an integral part of carpet manufacturing. Colors used in our carpets are Environmental Friendly, Natural and Bio degradable.

We tightly control our natural coloring processes and have an In-house dying capabilities to ensure coloring our products without harming the environment.Most of our customers prefers natural colors. However you can choose from a wide range of colors for our custom carpets. In our stocking model we also try to stock a wide range of colors to choose from as well.